Media Guide Lines
Media Guid Lines

A few words about the press.
Reporters and photographers representing the local, national,
and international media will be covering the competition.
If you are being interviewed, think before you speak.

You may be approached by both friendly and not so friendly reporters
and media, or members from the media that know a lot or very little
about the beauty scene, culture, information of your country.

Whether it is an unknown blogger or international media, media is media.
Anything you say or respond to a media person can be published,
printed, and posted online.
This also includes photos and video.

Don’t forget the media back home.

You are representing your country, your village, and your local model scene,
so before you leave home for the finale,
make sure you have contact information (at least email addresses) to your
national and local media.
Forward this contact information to the MMGSW team so they can send press releases to “your” media.

A reporter’s job is to get a good story and that does not always mean
from a positive angle from your point of view.
A friendly journalist does not always mean a friendly angle but a professional journalist
should at least ensure a professional angle.

Remember that the person from the media is at work,
and communicating with, talking to or doing an interview with that person you too are “at work”.

If a question is asked and you would prefer not to answer it  say so.
No one expects you to respond to questions that make you uncomfortable
or which may be too personal, or too controversial in nature.

Also, feel free to ask a reporter to repeat or clarify a question you do not understand.
No one will think any less of you, and you just may save yourself from an embarrassing response.