What To Bring
Your Preparation what to bring with you
Thank You for Your Attention


• One (1) national costume   
 Male / Female

• One dress (costume) for the SEA round Color
 – Sea Blue.
 – Any style, show us your creative and make your SEA idea
 – For all Models

• All Male candidates for grand finale Dresscode,
 – Plain Black suite with white shirt and Black Tie.

• All Female candidates for grand Finale Dresscode,
 – Long evening dress
 – Any colour
 – Outfits for the evening

• Comfortable walking shoes
• Black high-heeled shoes for the female
• Black shoes for the male
• Blue jeans
• All candidates
 – Swimwear
 – Color of the country flag

All Female must bring 1 pair of plain black heels for swim wear round.
All Male must bring 1 pair of plain black beach slippers.